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Est. 1844

School-wide Learning Expectations

St. Paul Parochial School graduates are Responsible Citizens who:
• Act as stewards of the local and global environment
• Demonstrate self-control and accept the responsibility and consequences  of their actions
• Are respectful of social, cultural, and individual differences
• Practice Catholic Christian values in making healthy and moral choices
• Contribute positively to the community

St. Paul Parochial School graduates are Effective Communicators who:
• Facilitate strategies for peaceful problem solving
• Speak and write clearly and effectively
• Express ideas and opinions respectfully
• Actively listen

St. Paul Parochial Students are Active Christians who:
• Experience prayer and worship as individuals and members of the faith community
• Use talents for service to their family, school, Church, and community
• Respect, participate in, and understand the sacrament life of the Catholic Church
• Exhibit respect for God, life, and creation through both word and action

St. Paul Parochial School graduates are Life Long Learners who:
• Are self motivated and independently seek new knowledge
• Work collaboratively to reach a common outcome
• Use study, research, and technology skills effectively
• Employ critical thinking and problem solving skills

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